Letter from the Chairman,

On behalf of the Aero Port Services family, I am proud to say that it has been a half-century since APS began providing its services at the Los Angeles International airport.

APS began as a small security service based in LAX. We have since expanded the scope of our services to become the wheelchair service provider at Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, as well as providing baggage porter services, and interline ground-handling services. From our humble beginnings, we have now gained a foothold in the
aviation industry as a reputable, mid-sized company.

While international and national companies have placed branches at LAX, APS is proud to have been built and grown locally in Los Angeles and while remaining competitive with these larger companies. With much gratitude and appreciation to our clients, business partners, and employees, the APS family is proud to have grown at the busiest airport on the west coast.

With that said, it is now the time for APS to begin taking the steps to move forward and continue to grow as a company, further building upon our many years of experience and knowledge in the aviation services industry.

With the vigor and optimism of a startup company, APS is now making the proper preparations to expand nationally and internationally, while also increasing our scope of services provided at LAX.

We hope that our clients, employees, and partners will continue to support and maintain interest in the APS family as we make this leap forward, so we can continue to serve and work better together for years to come.
Thank you,

Chris Paik